Meghna Group of Industries.

Assistant Engineer - H2O2/Brine/Chlorine/Cell House (Chemical Plant)




At least 23




আবেদনের শেষ তারিখঃ

বেতনঃ Negotiable

শিক্ষাঃ অনার্স / সমমান / উর্ধ্বে

Employment Status

Educational Requirements
B.Sc in Chemical Engineering/M.Sc in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Experience Requirements
Freshers are also encouraged to apply.
Additional Requirements
Age at least 23 years
Self-driven and innovative attitude.
Strong interpersonal skills to communicate with people.
Proven leadership, analytical and problem-solving abilities.

প্রতিষ্ঠানের ধরণঃ মিল কারখানা

ডিপার্টমেন্টঃ সাধারণ

চাকরীর বর্ণনাঃ
Initiate and conclude chemical processes using DCS technology, ensuring smooth start-ups and shutdowns.
Operate, control, and maintain the production activities, ensuring the production of quality products while adhering to safety protocols.
Collaborate with the team to identify and resolve any abnormalities in plant operations, fostering a teamwork-oriented environment.
Drive improvements in the assigned area, optimizing processes, and enhancing operational efficiency.
Monitor all process parameters, promptly identifying and troubleshooting operational issues during plant operations.
Assist the production team in problem-solving, provide support, and maintain accurate records such as log sheets and operator log books.
Prepare and maintain documents related to the chemicals used in the chemical plant, ensuring compliance with regulations.
Coordinate production activities, ensuring compliance with manufacturing technology, product quality standards, and consumer regulations.
Collaborate with the laboratory team, conduct comprehensive chemical analysis, utilize analytical and statistical methods, and assist in planning experiments.
Design and conduct tests, analyses, and evaluations on material samples, generating conclusive reports to aid decision-making.
Prepare technical reports and presentations, communicating findings and recommendations to the relevant stakeholders.

ঠিকানাঃ Fresh Villa, House # 15, Road # 34, Gulshan 1, Dhaka-1212. or FMCG Office, House # 23, Road # 24, Gulshan 2, Dhaka-1212.

Non Gov Circular T-14538

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